Wide Mailbox

By Urban Metalwork & Design Studio

Wide Mailbox

The Wide Mailbox by Urban Metalwork & Design Studio is a low profile, minimalist Mailbox designed specifically for fixing to either Timber or Steel posts.

The design allows for a fully concealed fixing method giving the Mailbox a “floating” appearance on the post it’s fixed to.

Wide Mailboxes have the option of being Right Hand Side Flanged (standard) or Left Hand Side Flanged (when specified), for flexibility on fixing in either direction.

We also offer a version of the Wide Mailbox with No Flange (NF) to accommodate for other fixing methods & requirements.

Wide Mailbox

Download The Wide Mailbox Dimensions

Download The Wide Mailbox Virtual / 3D


Wide Mailbox “NF”

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The Wide Mailbox is fabricated from 3mm thick Corten Weathering Steel.

The finished weight of the product is approximately 12kgs.


  • All Wide Mailboxes are supplied as Right Hand Side Flanged, unless specified otherwise.
  • All Wide Mailboxes are supplied with a Quarter Turn lock & key.
  • Posts are not included with the Wide Mailbox.
  • A range of Steel Posts are available, upon request via Urban Metalwork & Design Studio.
  • Accessories such as Posts, Base Plates, Base Pavers & Loose Numbers are available via Urban Metalwork & Design Studio.
  • A complete kit is available, ready for installation, with the Wide Mailbox, Loose Numbers & the Post included, all assembled at Urban Metalwork’s factory.
  • Please contact us for further information on any of the above notes.
Information Correct As Of 12/05/2020