Urban Metalwork & Design Studio service the industry by supplying and fabricating a wide range of products complete with perforated finishes.

We have a range of standard patterns (listed in the table below) and we can also offer a full custom perforating service. This allows us to change the hole shape, size, pitch, border and open area.

We can perforate almost any metal, including Aluminium, Corten, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, VM Zinc, Powdercoated, Anodised and more.

In addition to our perforating service, Urban Metalwork can cut, fold, roll, curve & weld all perforated panels. We also offer finishes such as powdercoating, anodising, pre-weathering, sealing, hot dip galvanising & custom patinas.


UM-P-121749 Round Staggered 12.7mm 17.27mm 49%
UM-P-162536 Round Staggered 1.6mm 2.54mm 36%
UM-P-163226 Round Staggered 1.6mm 3.2mm 26%
UM-P-192551 Round Staggered 19.05mm 25.4mm 51%
UM-P-193038 Round Staggered 19.05mm 30mm 38%
UM-P-203241 Round Staggered 2.06mm 3.2mm 41%
UM-P-243640 Round Staggered 2.41mm 3.66mm 40%
UM-P-249511 Round Staggered 2.41mm 9.53mm x 6.74mm 11%
UM-P-253063 Round Staggered 25.4mm 30mm 63%
UM-P-324546 Round Staggered 3.2mm 4.52mm 46%
UM-P-324741 Round Staggered 3.2mm 4.78mm 41%
UM-P-325530 Round Staggered 3.2mm 5.59mm 30%
UM-P-326125 Round Staggered 3.2mm 6.1mm 25%
UM-P-395546 Round Staggered 3.97mm 5.59mm 46%
UM-P-476351 Round Staggered 4.76mm 6.35mm 51%
UM-P-477933 Round Staggered 4.76mm 7.92mm 33%
UM-P-631223 Round Staggered 6.35mm 12.7mm 23%
UM-P-638846 Round Staggered 6.35mm 8.89mm 46%
UM-P-639540 Round Staggered 6.35mm 9.55mm 40%
UM-P-799562 Round Staggered 7.94mm 9.55mm 62%
UM-P-951251 Round Staggered 9.53mm 12.7mm 51%
UM-P-951440 Round Staggered 9.53mm 14.27mm 40%
UM-P-951632 Round Staggered 9.53mm 16mm 32%
UM-P-191141-ST Slots Staggered 19.05mm x 3.2mm 11.12mm x 6.4mm 41%
UM-P-253038-ST Slots Staggered 25.4mm x 6.35mm 30mm x 11mm 38%
UM-P-256343-SA Slots Aligned 25.4mm x 6.35mm 30.16mm x 11.11mm 43%
UM-P-101270-SQ Square Aligned 10mm 12mm 70%
UM-P-111549-SQ Square Aligned 11.11mm 15.88mm 49%
UM-P-476947-SQ Square Aligned 4.76mm 6.99mm 47%
UM-P-637669-SQ Square Aligned 6.35mm 7.62mm 69%
UM-P-791148-SQ Square Aligned 7.94mm 11.43mm 48%
UM-P-551219-SQD Square Diagonal Aligned 5.56mm 12.7mm 19%
UM-P-233244-HEX Hexagon Staggered 23.81mm A/F 32mm 44%
UM-P-951164-HEX Hexagon Staggered 9.5mm A/F 11.9mm 64%
UM-P-111536-CL Cloverleaf Aligned 11.11mm x 4.76mm 15.87mm 36%

Our range of Perforated Panels are commonly used for:

  • Building Facades
    Facades in the form of panels & interlocking panels, fully customised to the size & shape desired help to create multiple aesthetics with the change of natural light, while creating a modern look to enhance any building’s exterior.Perforated facades can bring a building to life. With an endless range of options available, perforating creates an immense scope for design.
  • Ceilings and Soffits
    Architectural Panel Systems offer a perforate and fabricate service for custom ceilings and soffits, in the form of small panels or large flat sheets which can provide cost effective cover for large areas.A perforated Ceiling or Soffit is an ideal option for that unique design, with an aid in noise reduction and assistance in air flow being added benefits.
  • Interior Design
    Perforated metals can be used for a range of interior design applications including privacy screening, lighting enclosures and other decorative elements.
    Interior use of perforated metals provides a perfect balance of strength and light.
  • In-Fill Panels
    Commonly used on walkways, balconies and as modern fencing, perforated In-Fill Panels are a practical option for allowing light and air to flow through unobstructed.
  • Sunscreens
    Perforated sunscreens are used to reduce heat & glare from the sun, while still allowing natural light to illuminate the interior of the building. Architectural Panel Systems can manufacture custom sunscreens that compliment your envisioned design down to the finest detail.
  • Screening
    Perforated metals are the material of choice to screen mechanicals, transition dissimilar buildings, hide unsightly areas or enhance a plain structure while still allowing light, airflow and creating a visual interest
  • Column Covers
    Column covers can be used to hide dull, aged & unattractive columns, or as an option to provide a feature for both interior and exterior applications.With custom perforating and the ability to fabricate square and round column covers, Architectural Panel Systems can provide a solution to your design.