Pre-Weathering Service

Urban Metalwork offers a “Pre-Weathering” service as part of our supply of Corten weathering steel.

Prior to the Corten weathering and looking “rustic & natural” the material initially looks like standard untreated Mild Steel.

As the metal gets wets and dries repeatedly, it begins it’s weathering process.

This can take time, depending on location, environment and many other factors.

To speed up this process, Urban Metalwork can pre-weather the panels in our factory and supply them to site at their weathered stage, removing the waiting period.

We have a mixture of chemicals and topical treatments we use that can achieve months of natural weathering in just a few days.


Clear Coat Sealing

Urban Metalwork also offer a clear coat sealing service, after the pre-weathering process, the panels can be clear coat sealed in our factory.

Sealing the panel helps to avoid any dripping, leaching, staining, fingerprints, rub off etc, all of which occur with uncoated panels.

Clear Coat Sealing is great for use in public areas, high traffic areas, balustrading, screening, fencing, planter boxes, interiors, living areas & more.

Clear Sealing Advantages

  • Reduce leaching, dripping & staining
  • Reduce rub-off on clothing & skin
  • Extends the life of the product
  • Creates an easier cleaning surface
  • Helps eliminate fingerprints
  • Advantages are all based on comparison to non sealed, natural weathered panels.