Custom metal water features, Geelong

Urban Metalwork designs and custom-makes metal water features and accessories for residential, commercial and public outdoor areas.

Using our same creative design and engineering team, we can create water features in many different forms. Water features can be free standing, sculptural, mechanically mounted, or submerged, depending on client requirements.

A mixture of our standard corten sculptures, laser-cut metal screens and more can be tailored into a water feature, or we can consult with you to create a new and individual masterpiece. Metals such as copper, brass, bronze, 316 grade stainless steel and aluminium are common material choices for water features.

Water features require a lot of thought in the design, material selection and finishes. Urban Metalwork liaises and collaborates with people involved in pools, pumps, lighting and more to create a fully customised design for those thinking outside the box.

Please contact us to enquire about a custom metal water feature.

Urban Metalwork also offers a diverse range of interior metal products, including decorative metal ceiling panels and metal sculptures for the home.

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