Custom metal finishes, Geelong

Corten Pre Weathering & Corten Sealing

Pre Weathering

As part of our supply of Corten weathering steel products, we offer a “Pre-Weathering” service.

Prior to the Corten weathering and looking “rustic & natural” the material initially looks like standard untreated Mild Steel.

As the metal gets wets and dries repeatedly, it begins it’s weathering process.

This can take time, depending on location, environment and other factors.

For those wanting their Corten products delivered in an already weathered state, Urban Metalwork can pre-weather the panels in our factory and supply them to site in their already weathered stage, removing the waiting period and ready for immediate install.

Our mixture of chemicals and topical treatments we use can achieve months of natural weathering in as little as a few days.

Clear Sealing & Protection

On top of our Pre-Weathering service, we can also apply a top coat which will clear coat & seal the Corten Steel.

The clear coat & seal service will keep the Corten in it’s Pre-Weathered state.

Clear Sealing Advantages

  • Remains in its pre-weathered state
  • Limits the chance of the Corten dripping, leaching or staining nearby surfaces
  • Minimises the chances of the Corten rubbing off onto people, clothing etc.
  • Non-stick surface resulting in a self-cleaning surface
  • Extends the life of metals in harsh environments
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch metal finishing
  • Cost-effective (V1.0 in particular)
  • Low cost alternative to traditional protection processes

Clear Sealing Leading Properties

Quality Testings Conducted

Download The Corten Clear Sealer V1.0 Specification Sheet

Download The Corten Clear Sealer V2.0 Specification Sheet



Copper, Brass, Bronze, Alloys & Metals – Custom Patinas

Urban Metalwork are able to provide custom patina finishes to a range of substrates including Copper, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Corten.

The colours below showcase some examples of the finishes we can achieve.

All patina work can be custom coloured & treated lighter or darker than the examples below.

For further information or samples, please contact us via email.


Sheet & Coil Supply

Urban Metalwork have their own “Exclusive” Range of metals, colours, textures & finishes available, for supply direct to trades within the Building Industry.

We also use our Exclusive metals on our own fabrication and projects.

All finishes are available directly as sheet, coil or as fabricated products.


TimbaClad – Basic Range



TimbaClad – SY Series




TimbaClad – OCM Series


Covert Series



SY Series

Finishes – In House Fabrication

At Urban Metalwork, we offer a wide range of metals, finishes and topical treatments that can be used for our entire product range and services.

The flexibility and variety of metals and finishes available help create our unique masterpieces – giving our clients the opportunity to walk away with a completely individual piece, limited only by their imagination.

Colours and textures can add warmth and creativity to any open space or indoor area. Each of our finishes is available in a range of colours, so you can choose the colour that most complements your space. Urban Metalwork is pleased to offer a variety of metals and topical treatments to create the right mix of texture, materials and colour for any space.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your garden’s laser-cut privacy screen or planter boxes, or are repainting your interior metal doors, we’ve got the finishes to complement your piece.

To learn more about our finishes, please view the links below.

If you have something totally different in mind, please contact Urban Metalwork to discuss your job-specific requirements. We’re happy to cater for a variety of custom-made jobs, including wine racks, garden fencing and other metal architectural displays.

One of our specialty services and finishes, within our Prestige range is the ability to weather, treat and patina copper alloys, such as Brass, Bronze and Copper.




Laser Etching





PerfDek 700 – Stainless Steel