Metalwork Design & Fabrication specialists.

Urban Metalwork are designers & fabricators of high-end, unique and individual metalworking products.

At Urban Metalwork in Geelong, our expertise are in the design and fabrication of architectural metalwork and sculptures for council, public, building construction and private outdoor areas.

Our design and fabrication process is joint-ventured with architects, designers, artists, building contractors and our own staff – our company is focused on delivering high quality, unique, individual and contemporary items. Our goal is to ensure the designers’ and clients’ vision and ideas are brought to a reality with our finished products.

Whether you’re looking for custom-made metal furniture, or an expert to preserve heritage pieces, all our metalwork and art is hand-sculpted and fabricated to ensure the highest-quality finish and attention to detail. Our products comprise laser-cut metal screens, including Corten screens, privacy screens, decorative screens and fencing screens; façades and feature cladding; fencing, mailboxes, retaining walls, water features and other metal landscape productscustom interiors such as wall art, mirrors, wine racks, benchtops; urban structures and streetscapes.

Urban Metalwork also works directly with building contractors from architect-supplied drawings, to fabricate all general architectural metalwork on both residential and commercial projects, from decorative lighting to a range of metal finishes such as expanded mesh.

On top of our Design, Engineering, Shop Drawings & Fabrication processes, we also offer an installation service if required. This applies to domestic & commercial projects.

We also have a range of products available in our shop such as steel stools & chairs. Come down and visit us at our showroom at 179 Station St, Corio, Victoria 3214, or contact Urban Metalwork for more information.

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