Meet the experts at Urban Metalworks, Geelong

Jamie Cockerell – Owner

Jamie has been involved in the metal fabrication & sheetmetal industry for over 15 years.
His primary expertise and involvement started in metal cladding and façades, including design, fabrication and engineering consultation.

Jamie has been responsible for the design, fabrication, estimating and involvement on some of the country’s largest and most well-known projects.

This has led to the development of long-term relationships with clients from across the country amongst various industries including Architectural Metalwork, Building & Construction, Metal Facades & Cladding, Landscaping & Interior Design amongst others.

Along with his team of Designers, Fabricators, Contractors & Transport Services, Jamie has developed a one stop location where everything from the initial enquiry, through the design stage, quotations, fabrication & delivery to site is all done through the one company, Urban Metalwork & Design Studio.

Nadeem Mughal – CAD Designer & Product Development

Nadeem is a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in product design, development and innovative manufacturing.

His skills and expertise lie in product design and development of sheetmetal parts, metal fabricated items and machinery design, all of which are 3 important and crucial sections within the Urban Metalwork company.

Nadeem is in charge of a complete mechanical workshop, fully equipped with various types of CNC machinery.

This gives Nadeem not only the technical and literal knowledge, but also the added benefits of hands on and physical knowledge of the products and machinery.

Another skill Nadeem has is “Reverse Engineering” (3D scanned data into finished models)

AutoCAD drafting is where Nadeem’s strongest skillset becomes apparent, with dedication to the finest details, accuracy, precision and speed.

Nadeem has worked as the lead CAD designer at many reputable EPC companies.

A creative and unique personality reflects strongly in Nadeem’s work and product development.

From outside the box thinking, to hand sketched-concepts, illustrated drawings, 3D artistry, renders and finally manufacturing drawings and engineering, Nadeem’s skills allow him to turn our own, and our clients ideas into a reality through each step of the design and manufacturing process.

Nadeem loves a challenge and this is what keeps him motivated. With daily tasks of creating and thinking up new designs and ideas – there is no challenge or design concept Nadeem won’t attempt.

Creating one-off, unique and individual masterpieces is the driving factor behind Nadeem’s success.

Solomon & Jude – Marketing & Promotional

Solomon & Jude specialise in graphic design, branding, marketing and content management.

With a wealth of knowledge in this industry, all brochures and content developed at Urban Metalwork & Design Studio has been completed by the “Sritz Team”  Solomon & Jude.

Solomon & Jude are in charge of keeping Urban Metalwork’s promotional and advertising material up to date, fresh & relevant.

Urban Metalwork & Design Studio are constantly developing and launching new product, materials, services and more.

To promote this is extremely important to our business, this is where Solomon & Jude of the “Sritz Team” come in to play.


If you would like to work with our team or make an enquiry about your ideas or upcoming projects, please contact us.