Custom heritage metalwork, Geelong

Urban Metalwork extends its manufacturing and design process into the field of heritage works, for projects listed as “Heritage” or for those just wanting to achieve a heritage look and feel on a new or existing property.

Urban Metalwork’s design and fabrication team can assist in keeping the natural heritage look of your project, whether it be a heritage-listed building, castle, church, cathedral or your own home. We’re experts at working with unique and scarce materials, including:

  • lead
  • copper
  • brass
  • bronze
  • pewter
  • cast and wrought iron
  • heritage galvanised
  • zinc.

Commonly manufactured items include canopies, hoods, spires, finials, domes and roofing products, however we are always excited to tackle new projects with our clients. Please contact Urban Metalwork to discuss your heritage project with us.

If you have a new home or upcoming building project and would like to commission a custom piece of architectural metalwork in Geelong, or a decorative water feature for a garden, we also specialise in design and creation of one-off pieces.