Metal sculpture, Geelong

Steel sculptures create a unique visual piece for home, garden, residential, commercial and public spaces.

Urban Metalwork can design and manufacture custom sculptural pieces in Geelong, or you can choose a piece from our standard product range, including:

Our architectural sculptures are creative masterpieces, where we work through design, fabrication and finishing, ending in a unique piece of sculptured metal art for your project.

We can concept-design your piece, or just offer our fabrication services using your own architectural drawings. Professional services include site inspection, area measure, prototyping if required and installation if needed.

You can be sure the final design supplied by Urban Metalwork will be a conversation piece, complementing wide bodies of work from the public domain right down to your own personal urban courtyard.

Please contact us if you would like to commission a metal sculpture for your home or business. We also specialise in a wide range of other interior pieces, including decorative metal wall art and furniture.

Delight Sculpture

Commercial Sculptures

While our business began specialising in the design and manufacture of metal sculpture for residential projects, more recently Urban Metalwork has been requested to undertake design and fabrication on many commercial sculptures. These can be viewed across the country in public outdoor spaces, in the street, park, shopping centres and more. Designed using only the highest-grade materials,...
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Residential Sculptures

    With the same design as Stinton V1, the V2 has additional vertical flat bars on each ring. This gives the Sculpture a bit of a thicker look, and not as streamline as the V1.   “Dice – 300 Sculpture” 3mm Thick Corten Steel. 300mm x 300mm x 300mm dimensions for each single dice....
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Exterior Sculptures

Exterior sculptures designed and fabricated by Urban Metalwork are made specifically for landscape, garden, outdoor living, personal entertainment areas and private courtyards. Urban Metalwork also works closely with architects, designers, artists and local councils to create contemporary outdoor metal sculptures for public areas including streets, parks and more. Our range of locally manufactured metal garden...
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Interior Sculptures

Urban Metalwork designs and creates sculptures specifically suited for interior projects, using a range of metals and finishes which are ideally suited for internal spaces. We work closely with architectural firms, interior designers, artists and our own design and engineering team, right from consultation to manufacture, to achieve the most creative and unique finishes possible....
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