Corten screens, Geelong

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Corten steel screens are Urban Metalwork’s specialty and favourite material finish to work with.

Natural in look, flexible in design for both indoor and outdoor uses and a strong and bold patina makes Corten steel a great choice for any project requiring screening – whether it be decorative fence screens, privacy, balustrade, façades or laser-cut garden screens.

Corten steel is beautiful when used in residential and commercial developments. With hard-wearing durability and high tensile strength an added bonus, Corten laser-cut screens can span larger areas, and in certain cases be free standing in landscaping projects.

Urban Metalwork can provide optional borders, fixing points, bracketry, folding, welding and installation services for all Corten screen projects.

Our team of designers can assist with an individual piece for your job, or you can pick one of our standard ranges of screens or decorative metal panels.

Our flexibility in design renders endless possibilities. Please contact us with any enquiries or custom requests.

Urban Metalwork also specialises in high-end, custom corten sculpture for Geelong residential and commercial spaces.