Metal retaining wall, Geelong

At Urban Metalwork, we love designing and manufacturing retaining walls, especially in Corten steel.

We also like to add to our retaining wall projects with metal garden edging for that finishing touch.

The reason we love to use Corten steel is due to the fact that when used in landscaping environments, Corten steel complements the bright, vibrant greenery with its natural, deep, weathered patina finish.

Our metal retaining wall projects can be simple, or we can engineer them when required, using custom-designed framework to make a more solid structure.

We can include footings and fixing points to our retaining wall pieces and all can be designed in modular systems for easy installation.

The benefit of using a steel retaining wall is the flexibility in design, allowing for curved, rounded, folded, rolled, welded, laser-cut and perforated designs.

All retaining wall projects are custom-designed and manufactured for job specific projects. Please contact Urban Metalwork with any enquiries.

We also specialise in outdoor Corten sculpture and offer highly customised decorative metal panels for Geelong home or business owners wanting to update their property.


Stinton Retaining Wall