Metal sculptures for the home, Geelong


The “4 Elements” Series of screens by Urban, includes the Earth, Fire, Air & Water Elements in its range.

These screens are available as a complete set of 4, or singly as individual elements.

The use of Corten Weathering Steel works in well with the natural theme and design of the “4 Elements” Series.

All screens are made to order and supplied “Cut To Size”.

Screens can be installed via direct fix to an already existing structure, or posts fabricated from Corten Weathering Steel are available via Urban Metalwork.

The “4 Elements” Series of screens can be supplied in other metals, including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper and Powdercoated finishes.



The “4 Elements” Series of screens by Urban, includes the Earth, Fire, Air & Water Elements in its range.






Urban Metalwork’s expertise is in the design and fabrication of sculptural pieces suited for residential projects, for both interior and exterior applications.

Our range of metals and finishes allows us to create sculptures that are suitable for internal use, or hard wearing and performing for outdoor areas.

From urban courtyards and personal entertainment areas to landscaping masterpieces, Urban Metalwork can design a unique sculpture for your home.

For all residential scluptures, we can design and create something totally individual from the beginning, or you can replicate one of our past projects for reduced cost and manufacture time if you have the need for something immediately.

Our knowledge of spatial requirements plays a key role in assisting selection of all residential sculptures.

All pieces can be tailored to suit your project-specific requirements for location and fixing, with customised mounting plates and stands to compliment your sculpture. We work with an expansive range of materials, including Corten steel, aluminium, bronze and other metals.

We commonly liaise with architects, designers, artists and home owners to create our wonderful home sculpture pieces. Please contact us for more information.

Urban Metalwork also specialises in custom-made decorative metal panels for Geelong homes.