Interior metal sculptures, Geelong

Urban Metalwork designs and creates sculptures specifically suited for interior projects, using a range of metals and finishes which are ideally suited for internal spaces.

We work closely with architectural firms, interior designers, artists and our own design and engineering team, right from consultation to manufacture, to achieve the most creative and unique finishes possible.

Interior sculptures need to be thought about differently to exterior sculptures, as safety, stability, cleanliness and other factors play an important role for these pieces.

Our knowledge of spatial awareness and budget helps us customise each sculpture to suit the requirements of all clients.

If our design services are not required, we are happy to fabricate your products from architect-supplied drawings. We can also take your basic design idea from a hand sketch and turn it into a reality with a touch of our creative mind.

All interior sculpture pieces can be designed and manufactured with mounting bases and stands to help compliment your sculpture and its surroundings. We can work with a huge range of materials, from Corten steel to aluminium and other metals.

Please contact Urban Metalwork to find out more about our interior sculptures. We also offer a variety of outdoor decorative metalwork, including laser cut screens for Geelong homes and businesses.

Delight Sculpture