Brooklyn Series

BS – Interior Design

The Brooklyn Series is the top end of our Urban Metalwork range.

The most prestigious, unique & one of a kind products are available through the Brooklyn Series only.

Metals such as Copper, Brass & Bronze are primarily used.

Coloured finishes, patina finishes, polishing and more are all associated within the Brooklyn Series.

Our Brooklyn Series also includes a complete design & engineering service.

We can take a hand drawn sketch or idea, and turn it into a reality.

All items within the Brooklyn Series, are available solely through Urban Metalwork + Design Studio.

BS – Fabrication

Some of the items within the Brooklyn Series include…

*Wine Racks

*Bench Tops


*Interior Cladding

*Joinery Pull Handles



*Wall Art

*Complete Custom Designed Products


Warning: Do not attempt to replicate items within the Brooklyn Series.

All items are designed by Urban Metalwork + Design Studio.